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Your business idea is brilliant. But how do you take it to the next level requires some consideration?

Our team collaborates both with newbies’ in business discovering their headways and surviving companies expecting their big turn in the market. Whatever your business goal is, we make it happen!

Our specialized team of investment advisors has an in-depth understanding of the industry behaviors’. They had worked it out for plenty of start-ups, medium-scaled ventures, and multinationals. From our partnership with diverse clientele groups, our expertise falls under various realms of the industry including IT, finance, legal, healthcare etc.

Only a great strategy devised under a great vision make it big in the market and our strategic team brings in its full-power to achieve financial and strategic objectives of companies by nurturing global tie-ups and sharing kinships with well-wishers.


Going with the trends, we strive to create influential projects which help businesses
to pursue the huge deal they actually need. Our expert analysts’ team is there for you to give a clear-cut assessment of
the market and help you build incredible businesses.

The Lapel
Designed to accommodate the essentials of the Modern Man.
We are bringing this taste all the way from Budapest.
Enjoy lip smacking foods and variety of beverages.
We aims to be the best running event management company in UAE.
H & H Catering Services
Whether an elaborate meal, or an intimate function H&H have you covered.
Shafi Kudroli Foundation
Kudroli foundation have adopted approaches to build opportunity for the underprivileged
Zyra Design & Fabric Studio
Allow us to help you find the style that defines you the best.
We simply help talented candidates and outstanding companies find each other
Kupaya Technologies
We believe that audacity, determination, commitment to perfection and compassion contribute to constant performance
Sapienhr uses software combined with human sourcing to find the potential candidate,
Being Child
caring and cooperative school which promotes cultural values and supports positive relationships offering a new, concept in childcare.
Meencurry Creatives
We creates better strategy and effective design for our clients that is different from all other branding agencies
Help to figure out the next step in your career based on your interests, strength and aptitude.
Making learning fun and effective through quizzes and interactive sessions
Higher an Alytics
Assists businesses in staying ahead and helping in grabbing an edge over the whole thing. Creating the strategies for your brand and running it for you.
Connect Parent
Live security camera system installed in the childcare centre, so that parents will get informed what the kids are doing.
Human Times
For those of you who needs a concise summary of the news . Find the news that matter to you the most.
Whether you are craving for classic pancakes or searching for donuts, we have plenty to offer .
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Now, this is the right time to push you into the new levels and the team 51 Not Out is dedicated
to creating an amazing platform to keep on growing and facilitate your business with the stability you deserve.

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